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Download the full Sample Data

Get the Point Cloud, Revit, 360 Video Files

Convention Center Data Set

  • Captured in 30 minutes,
  • Modeled in 5 days.
  • We perform the entire onsite and modeling process.
  • We provide all the files back to you.
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360 Video

Watch an entire 360 video on your computer or smart phone of the data capture. With the 360 video you can replay key moments during the capture to review existing conditions or check the model for accuracy.

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Revit/Digital Twin

Our Revit files and Digital Twin files are modeled at a base to LOD 300 and can be used immediately in Architecture and Engineering projects as well as video games, presentations, and simulations.

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Auditable Point Cloud

Utilize the point cloud to overlay against the Digital Twin for auditing measurement accuracy.